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About Lilydale

Our History

Lilydale established itself over 70 years ago as an Alberta Farmers cooperative and today is a proud member of the Sofina Foods family.

Now you can read all about the history of Lilydale in the book "Which Came First? The egg of course!: It's not just history, it's Lilydale!" by award-winning Canadian author Judy Schultz.

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Our Brand

The Lilydale brand is committed to providing you with wholesome, delicious and 100% Canadian premium poultry.

Lilydale has a whole range of fresh, frozen and fully-cooked chicken and turkey products as well as deli meats, sausages and turkey bacon.

A Proud Member of the Sofina Family

As a proud member of the Sofina Foods Family, the Lilydale brand continues to be a wholesome meal option for Canadians.  As a privately-owned Canadian company, Sofina Foods is dedicated to providing great tasting, high quality products. 

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Rewarding Opportunities

Our people are our source of pride, strength and inspiration. 

We are guided by an entrepreneurial spirit and a disciplined approach to creating business opportunities.


Our Products

Lilydale brings to your table a range of products that vary from fresh chicken and turkey cuts to deliciously flavourful oven-roasted strips and deli meats.  

Lilydale has something for any meal that you're planning for any occasion.

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