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Buying Guide

Chicken and turkey are ideal protein choices for healthy eating any day of the week!  They are considered to be high in protein, low in fat and cholesterol and have no carbohydrates.  And to top it all off, they are a versatile ingredient that work well in any recipe.

Lilydale Products

Lilydale poultry is 100% Canadian and grain fed.  You can buy it whole or in a variety of cuts such as breasts, wings, legs, or ground.  See our Products page to see what is available.  Our products can be found at most retailers, but if you can't find the Lilydale product you are looking for, be sure to ask the meat manager.

Purchasing Poultry

When purchasing poultry, look for meat that has a healthy appearance and colour, and make sure the packaging is not damaged in any way.  Poultry is considered a perishable item, so make sure it is one of the last items that you pick up when shopping, and one of the first items that is refrigerated when you get home.   Keep poultry separate from your other grocery items; it’s a good idea to double-bag it in case of leakage. 

Storing Poultry

Fresh poultry is best stored in the coldest part of your refrigerator.  It is best used within a couple of days of purchase.   Please remember to freeze it, if you don’t have the opportunity to use it.  You can freeze poultry in its original packaging, or repackage it in to appropriate portion sizes in freezer bags.  Tip:  label each package so that you know that contents and the date it was placed in the freezer.  Ensure portions are properly wrapped to avoid freezer burn. 

Serving Sizes

According to Canada’s Food Guide, adults require 2-3 servings of meat and alternatives per day, as part of a healthy diet.  For poultry, 1 serving is equal to 75 g (2½ oz)  / 125ml (½ cup).