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Lilydale Sliced Turkey Lobe

Slow roasted & carved

Seasoned and slow roasted for 8 hours

No preservatives

NEW! Lilydale Carved Chicken and Turkey

Our CARVED, OVEN-ROASTED CHICKEN BREASTS and TURKEY are the perfect ingredient! 

With no preservatives and 33% less sodium, they are a quick and delicious addition to any of your family's meals. 

So Quick. So Tasty!

Lilydale Fresh Chicken

Choose from any of our tender FRESH CHICKEN cuts - from breasts to wings to legs or drumsticks. 

Lilydale is always plump, juicy, tender and so good! 

100% Canadian and grain-fed, our FRESH CHICKEN is the choice for you.

Lilydale Netted Turkey Roasts

Have your tried our NETTED TURKEY ROASTS? 

These juicy and tender roasts take half the time to cook than a whole turkey. 

Find them in the fresh aisle of your grocery store.

Our Breakfast Sausages & Turkey Slices

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. Make it a scrumptious start by serving up Lilydale's breakfast sausages or turkey slices - a healthy alternative to bacon. 

Help your family get a great start to their day!

Lilydale Deli Roasts

Our premium chicken and turkey DELI ROASTS provide you with healthy options that taste great! 

Make yummy sandwiches and wraps for your family that will have them coming back for more. 

Ask for Lilydale at your deli counter.

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