Are the birds raised in cages?

No, the birds are free run which means they have the freedom to move around within our climate controlled barn and have unlimited access to water and food.

What are they fed?

Poultry in Lilydale® products are all grain fed. The ingredients are predominantly cereal grains and are strictly regulated by government and industry standards. There are no hormones in the chicken or turkey feed, nor are the birds given hormones.

Where are the birds from?

All Lilydale® birds come from Canadian family owned farms.

Where are Lilydale® products manufactured?

All our Lilydale® products are manufactured in plants across Canada.

Are the birds given hormones?

No, none of our Lilydale® birds are raised with hormones.

Are the birds given antibiotics?

Lilydale® complies with the rigorous government and industry standards on the use of antibiotics on poultry. “Chicken/Turkey farmers are responsible for the health and welfare of their birds and for providing safe, high quality food for consumers. If medication must be used, a strict withdrawal period is required before any bird can be marketed, ensuring there are no medication residues in the final product. All antibiotics are evaluated by the Veterinary Drugs Directorate of Health Canada, and there is significant veterinary oversight within the chicken/turkey industry, ensuring medications are only used when appropriate.”