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Hinke and Marc Therrien

Hinke & Marc Therrien

Hinke & Marc Therrien have been proudly farming turkeys for Lilydale for over 6 years. Prior to farming turkeys, the Therrien’s farmed chickens and worked in poultry feed sales where they gained great knowledge about farming. Farming has been in Hinke’s family for generations. Prior to Hinke immigrating to Canada in 1991, her family operated a dairy farm in Holland where her passion for farming started. The Therrien’s take great pride in raising quality turkeys and are proud to provide the best protein source for Canadians. This pride drives them to innovate in their barns, constantly searching for better ways to treat and raise their turkeys to ensure it produces the best product. They are committed to creating a healthy and comfortable environment where turkeys are taken care of and well fed. The Therrien’s commitment and passion about farming has resulted in them being awarded the Outstanding Young Farmers award in Alberta. This has enabled Hinke to take a role in educating other farmers and children about farming. The Therrien’s love that Lilydale is Canadian and works with local farmers like themselves to produce great tasting products.

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