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Scott Langelaar

Scott Langelaar- Gruenthal, SK

Scott is an animal lover, first and foremost. For Scott, one of the most enjoyable aspects of being a chicken farmer is to take something as a small chick and to provide it with a healthy, comfortable, nurturing environment. Scott is invested in his product, 24/7. He operates modern living conditions equipped with remote monitoring capabilities so he can ensure his chicks are happy and healthy wherever he is in the world. Scott sees Lilydale as a wheel – where hatchers, manufacturers and farmers make up the spokes. He believes that everyone working together, pushing for the best possible product every step of the way, is what makes Lilydale products the best. He takes great pride in seeing Lilydale Products at grocery stores around him, and even greater pride when he sees his community purchasing the product. He knows better than anyone that what’s under the label is something raised with love and care, in the right conditions and climate, without compromise.

About Scott Langelaar

Farmer, Owner
Chicken & Turkeys
Gruenthal, SK
Years as a Farmer

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