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Shawn Heppell

Shawn Heppell - British Columbia

For over 27 years Shawn Heppell from British Columbia has proudly been providing turkeys and chickens to Lilydale. Growing up, Shawn worked on his family farm where he learned how important the environment and attention to detail is in ensuring a quality product every time. Shawn raises chickens and turkeys right from the beginning, ensuring a clean, well-fed and safe environment for all of the birds. His biggest source of pride as a farmer is when he is able to exceed his self-defined objectives of providing the healthiest, highest quality chickens and turkeys to Lilydale. Shawn chooses to work with Lilydale because of the great trusting relationship and their shared goal of providing high quality products to Canadians. Lilydale trusts Shawn to deliver only the best chickens and turkeys and in turn Shawn trusts Lilydale to deliver outstanding and innovative poultry products to Canadian consumers for many years to come.

About Shawn Heppell

Farmer, Owner
Chicken and Turkey
Near Aldergrove, BC
Years as a Farmer

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