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Kathy and Rick Malo

Kathy & Rick Malo

For over 19 years Kathy & Rick Malo have proudly been farming and providing high quality Turkeys to Lilydale. Working alongside each other on the farm, they are involved in every step of the process to ensure that they have the healthiest and highest quality turkeys. Farming for the Malos is truly an equal partnership. Rick does most of the barn work including cleaning and maintaining the barns to the high standards they have set together. Both Kathy and Rick share in the daily chores and care ensuring the birds are comfortable and have everything they need. The work on the farm continues with Kathy handling all the paperwork and business correspondence. strive for perfection when it comes to raising their turkeys. They believe so much in the high quality product that they produce that they regularly purchase Lilydale turkey products for their family “It’s delicious and it’s all we buy”.

About Kathy and Rick Malo

Farmer, Owner
Chicken and Turkey
Near Edmonton, AB
Years as a Farmer

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