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Nick Langelaar

Nick Langelaar- Gruenthal, SK

For over 15 years, Nick Langelaar has been proudly providing quality chickens to Lilydale.  Nick transitioned from Dairy Farming to Chicken Farming 20 years ago and is thrilled that he made this change. Nick takes great pride in his chicken farm as his barns are equipped with computers and cameras so he’s able to monitor conditions at the farm remotely to ensure his chickens are in the absolute best conditions. Nick stands by a strong set of ethics built on empathy with the belief  “You get from the world what you put out to the world” which is why he works very hard to provide the best chickens since he knows Lilydale works tirelessly to provide the best poultry product to consumers.   He believes that Lilydale stands apart from the competition because of their commitment to providing premium high quality products.  Nick’s thrilled with how Lilydale continues to have the same high standards as him.


About Nick Langelaar

Farmer, Owner
Chicken & Turkeys
Gruenthal, SK
Years as a Farmer

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